Dear A1 Towing Inc.

I just want to extend my thanks towards your team for giving me awesome service.

Saturday night (18th sept) my 76 Volvo cratered and left me stranded in the north end of Calgary.

Thanks to your night dispatcher, and Davy, your crew got the little green monster home safely and quickly.

I will definitely use A1 again in case my little thrill wagon takes me on any more un-planned adventures.

Sincerest thanks again.
Ken Cooper
Good afternoon:

I would like to express my thanks to your company for the service I received from Tom, the Tow Truck driver as well as the dispatcher with whom I spoke.

Tom arrived very quickly, and even though I provided the wrong address, he was friendly, fast and courteous. The dispatcher was very friendly and quoted me a reasonable fee over the phone and when I had to call back with the right address he was, again, very courteous and friendly.

I called around prior to contacting your company and found you were the most reasonably priced, without a bunch of extra fees for fuel surcharges and kilometres. I am so pleased with the service, price and timely manner in which this whole deal took place.

I will recommend your company to every one I know and, hopefully I won't require your services again, but should I will not hesitate to call.

Thank you so much.
Corrie MacDonald.
2002 Ford Explorer towed from RBC at 417 10th Street NW to 624 1st Ave NW.
We here at Huge Truck Centre Inc feel that A-1 Towing Inc have done an awesome job in heavy duty towing. It is working out great. They are awesome people to work with and dedicated to their job. We would recommend A-1 Towing Inc for any kind of towing solution. Thank you A-1 Towing Inc and keep up the good work.

Huge Truck Centre Inc
A-1 Towing has done a superb job for A - Class and Moving Services. We use their medium duty towing services. We have been a client of A-1 Towing Inc for 4 years and we are very happy with their service. We would definitely recommend A-1 Towing Inc to other companies for towing services because they are accountable and affordable. Thank you.

A – Class Moving Services

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