Light Duty Towing

car towing calgary

Our light duty fleet is extremely diverse allowing our drivers to get out of any
situation. When your vehicle has let you down in an underground parking garage
call A-1 Towing. We have low underground trucks with drivers who specialize in underground light duty towing. Whether it be your families mini-van or an expensive sports car rely on A-1 Towing to safely remove your vehicle from the underground parking garage and tow it to it's destination.

car towing calgaryWe offer special tie-down equipment for motorcycles and all our carrier operators are well trained for all types of motorcycles from a small scooter to a fully dressed Harley Davidson.

car towing calgary There are many reasons for vehicles to be towed on a flatbed. On some vehicles, manufacturers specify their vehicles may only be safely towed on a flatbed truck. After all, just as not all cars are made the same way, not all cars are towed the same way. Whether its a Shelby Cobra or something a little more customized, (like a Dupont Monte Carlo), sometimes the best way to transport it is just get the wheels off the road. We offer the best in flatbed towing. Our LCG rollback trucks provide a lower load angle for low clearance vehicles. All of our rollback carriers are equipped with a 4 wheel tie down system.

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